Client: FEHRL (as part of Programme Manager role)

Project team: Maple Consulting with consultation from FEHRL members

The issue identified: FEHRL has traditionally issued a European research plan every 5 years. This 6th iteration was undertaken on a 3 year basis to reflect the increase in technological change.

The work undertakenIn consultation with a core group of core members, 7 research themes were identified, and within them, a series of research topics and individual initiatives. These were presented in a research plan as a combination of areas in which FEHRL members work and areas that they might need to work in future as the highway infrastructure becomes increasingly digitised. As a follow up to the launch of the roadmap, Maple surveyed FERHL members about their interests and capabilities in the areas identified in the roadmap to address potential skill gaps.

The outcome: The output of the project was the published roadmap and two self-funded project initiatives on Big Data and Low Noise Pavements resulted from the follow up consultation.

The benefit to the client: Having a published roadmap promoting FERHL and its members as attractive research partners, engaging with members to understand their research priorities and ambitions and identifying potential future skills gaps.

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