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Maple Consulting has worked on research projects for UK and European clients for many years, both on its own and as part of ITEN. This has ranged from managing work packages , literature reviews, state of the art reporting, experimental design, workshops and interviews, data analysis and reporting and dissemination of results.

Maple Consulting has been involved in FEHRL’s Forever Open Road project since its inception over 10 years ago, co-authored the original research and development plan and has co-authored and/or edited all of the roadmaps and revisions of roadmaps for the Adaptable, Automated and Resilient elements of the project. Maple Consulting co-authored FEHRL’s 6th and 7th Strategic European Road Research Programmes covering the 2018-2021 and 2021 -2024 periods respectively.

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Maple has participated in several CEDR projects and led one or more work-packages in each, has led a work package on an EU Horizon 2020 project and previously led an EU FP7 project, and participated in others. UK clients include the UKRI agency (with ITEN), WRAP, National Highways and Welsh Government.

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The International Transport Experts Network is a team of independent consultants who have worked together for many years.

ITEN was formed to offer clients a wider range of specialism than could be offered by any one individual and to provide greater capacity for delivery of larger projects.The network comprises experts in road, rail, mobility, vehicle and materials science with links to academic facilities and testing facilities. Members provide research, consultancy, strategic advice and scientific and technical expertise to a range of clients including local, national and international governments, consultants and contractors.


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