Client: Conference of European Directors of Roads with NRA project funders.

Project team:    FEHRL (EU, lead), ERICA (PL), VTI (SE), IFSTTAR (FR) and Maple Consulting.

The issue identified: Connected and Automated Vehicle manufacturers were developing applications which may help or compete with NRA agendas.

The work undertakenThis project identified NRA test sites in Europe, both track and public road and categorised them against road owner priorities such as safety, traffic flow and so on. It was also identified whether NRAs were part of the project consortium. From this, a catalogue of sites around Europe was compiled. A shortlist of key sites and key activities was identified through workshops throughout the project and recommendations presented for key activities for NRAs to pursue.

The outcome: A catalogue of ongoing, planned and recently completed test programmes and test tracks sites in Europe, and final report identifying how these may benefit road owners and recommendations on how road owners should engage with sites.

The benefit to the client: A better understanding by the NRAs of the research landscape and the value of their data 

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