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Improving transport

The demands on transport infrastructure grow, with ageing infrastructure, constrained transport budgets and urgent requirements for decarbonisation. With change comes opportunities to do things differently, to use resources in a more circular manner, to promote to active and public transport and seek net zero carbon options for the road construction, maintenance and operation.

Through the provision of research and consultancy services, the team behind Maple Consulting supports clients in navigating the changing requirements of transport planning; including adaption to climate change, resource management and carbon reduction

Research services

We have undertaken research projects for the past 25+ years across the transport and environmental fields within the UK and across Europe, and have a deep understanding of how to plan the research process effectively in order to deliver meaningful results.

Project and Programme Management

Maple Consulting Ltd has a reputation for successful project and programme management in a variety of fields, including high value European projects with multiple partners from different countries.


Maple Consulting provides technical support and advice to public and private sector clients in the transport and environment fields. This can range to reports on new or novel technologies, specialist sub-consultancy support on larger projects to strategic studies.

Why work with Maple Consulting? 


Current transport systems do not cope well with extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, extremes in temperature or significant storm events. Despite this, climate forecasts suggest that such events will only become more extreme in the future.

Maple Consulting Ltd can advise on adaptation measures and strategies including material choice, investment decisions and future infrastructure concepts that can help respond to these challenges.

Transport Infrastructure

Much of Europe’s transport infrastructure is ageing. It is dealing with traffic levels in excess of designed loads, maintenance budgets are tight and there is a scarcity of natural resources – and yet the availability of the network needs to be maintained.

Maple Consulting Ltd and its network of associates have a proven track record in road, rail and light rail infrastructure innovation that looks towards a revolution in the way such systems are designed, built, operated and maintained rather than promoting incremental improvements of a sub-optimal solution.

Future Transport

Transport systems globally could potentially change out of all recognition due to multiple factors including innovations surrounding connected and autonomous vehicles, the internet of things, and big data to name a few.

No one can predict the future but Maple Consulting Ltd can help raise the questions surrounding the type of future we would all like to create and to help us consider what research, structures or innovations might be necessary to take us in the right direction in the future.

How can Maple Consulting help you with your project?


The International Transport Experts Network is a team of independent consultants who have worked together for many years.

ITEN was formed to offer clients a wider range of specialism than could be offered by any one individual and to provide greater capacity for delivery of larger projects.The network comprises experts in road, rail, mobility, vehicle and materials science with links to academic facilities and testing facilities. Members provide research, consultancy, strategic advice and scientific and technical expertise to a range of clients including local, national and international governments, consultants and contractors.


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