Client:  Amey Consulting

Project team: Amey Consulting/Maple Consulting (phases 1 and 2), Chambers Wales (phase 1)

The issue identified: The pandemic changed the way we all live a work, disrupting traditional travel patterns. We investigated what future infrastructure requirements were needed in a post pandemic future.

The work undertaken: In Phase 1 (during periods of lockdown), working with Chambers Wales, we held around 10 digital roundtable discussions with 68 organisations to understand how they were working now and how they predicted to work in the future, along with the generation of ideas for the future. The output was a White Paper which you can read here.

In the second phase, Maple grouped the ideas from Phase 1 into broad themes and compared them against national legislation such as the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and Active Travel (Wales) Act and other priorities such as those identified by the Cardiff Capital Region. Ideas were then ranked on an impact vs ease of implementation and specific recommendations on future priorities made. The output was a second White Paper which you can read here.

The outcome: Two white papers were published and well received         

The benefit to the client: The work highlighted the expertise of the client, strengthened client engagement and identified potential commercial opportunities.

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