Much of Europe’s transport infrastructure is ageing. It is dealing with traffic levels in excess of designed loads, maintenance budgets are tight and there is a scarcity of natural resources – and yet the availability of the network needs to be maintained.

Maple Consulting Ltd and its network of associates have a proven track record in road, rail and light rail infrastructure innovation that looks towards a revolution in the way such systems are designed, built, operated and maintained rather than promoting incremental improvements of a sub-optimal solution.

Concepts such as prefabrication have the potential to dramatically improve new transport infrastructure performance, reduce whole life costs and reduce disruption during construction or replacement.

New technologies can add additional layers of functionality to roads and other transport infrastructure; they can be used to capture heat or electricity with integrated solar panels, they can charge electric vehicles dynamically, and they can communicate with and automatically guide vehicles.

Maple Consulting Ltd.’s founder Martin Lamb has been an integral part of the Forever Open Road and FORx4 from the outset, and is now Programme Manager for both concepts and also leads the development of the Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories’ Strategic European Road Research Programme. As such, Maple Consulting Ltd has access to the very latest thinking in transport and works consistently to help shape the future of transport across Europe.