Maple Consulting Ltd offers a variety of environmental services

Adaptation to climate change

Current transport systems do not cope well with extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, extremes in temperature or significant storm events. Despite this, climate forecasts suggest that such events will only become more extreme in the future.

Maple Consulting Ltd can advise on adaptation measures and strategies including material choice, investment decisions and future infrastructure concepts that can help respond to these challenges. Maple Consulting Ltd.’s founder Martin Lamb was the author of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council’s Climate Resilient Road Transport Roadmap in 2011 and a Scanning Document for Climate Adaptation in the USA in 2012, as well as co-author of the Forever Open Road Resilient Road Roadmap in 2013.

Energy and Carbon

Maple Consulting Ltd has worked extensively on projects spanning alternative fuel infrastructure, energy harvesting and carbon reduction in transport, and is currently working on a European Commission project looking at what solutions are available and transferable to reduce embedded and operational carbon across transport modes.

Resource Management

Maple Consulting Ltd has a track record in resource management around the use of secondary aggregates and industrial by-products in highways and construction, in the use of organic wastes to manufacture soils, and in the assessment and treatment of contaminated land and groundwater.